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Starting back in July, I made the next move in my personal career. After meeting with one of my good friends, Alek, I decided to follow him to another Kansas City company, Illuminate.

The one thing I had to really think about was stepping away from the app development world for a while. It has been a great space to start my career and is what got me into software from the beginning. But I would be doing myself a disservice staying so narrowly focused in one development ecosystem or frame. At Illuminate I have been working mainly on a “MLOps” application for creating datasets for training models over. It allows our clinical experts to label radiology notes and documents efficiently, while also being a broad enough solution for any other similar data grouping.

I have really enjoyed going to a smaller startup so far, our team moves fast, everyone gets along, and we have tons of really exciting opportunities in front of us as a company!

I also think the change of technology stacks will lead to some interesting topics to talk about on here. Stay tuned!